Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mon Calamari's desires freedom

. . . the Mon Calamari government I. . . 

Alliance Free News interrupts this Imperial propaganda to bring you important news. 

The Mon Calamari of the Mon Cal system are rising up to declare the desire for independence from the oppression known as the Galactic Empire! 

We from AFN rejoice with their decision to remove the chains of slavery from their people. 

With this new turn of events, it looks like the Rebel Alliance will assist and support the Mon Calamari in their quest for freedom. 

The Mon Calamari are a strong people who have created magnificent works of art in all that they create. From their homes under the waves on Mon Cal to their star ships. They create uniques works of art that are celebrated throughout the known worlds. 

The Imperial Navy has stated that the Mon Calamari are only worthy of destruction which shows their natures as destroyers and as the villans they are. 

The Imperial Navy states that the ships created by the Mon Calamari people are no threat to them, they say the same about the Alliance and yet they are unable to crush our aspirations to rid the universe of their tyranny!

We will bring more information on this as we get more news from the front. 

This is Alliance Free News the voice of the Rebellion signing off. 

. . .by the Empire is not ultimately enough. . .  

We learned that wave 2 is right around the corner! To add to that we have confirmation on an exciting event that will be occuring! The Massing at Sullust event will have a single expansion of each individual expansion that will be coming out in wave 2!

This event will be held in select stores around the world (as far as we know) and it will consist of two stages.

Stage 1 will be a standard Swiss tournament rounds at 300 points. There will be a limit of 16 people per kit which is to make sure that everyone attending gets something! The top 2 from the Swiss rounds will move on to stage 2.

Stage 2 will consist of each player choosing a different faction (One Imperial, one Rebel) and building a list that uses the two ships from that faction as well as at least one of the squadrons from the squadron pack that is in wave 2.

The lists created will be at 400 points and the two players will battle it out, the winner getting to choose the first of the 5 expansions that they will walk away home with! 

Players 2, 3, and 4, then get to pick in their respective orders and the Tournament Organizer will get the remaining expansion. 

For locations in the Portland - Vancouver region, see the HNN link at the bottom of this article. Feel free to ignore their incessent ranting. 

Interrupted HNN article

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