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Conflagration in the Nelvaan syetem

. . .  plete and strategically unsuited for the New Or. . .  

Alliance Free News interrupts this Imperial propaganda with news of combat in the Nelvaan system. 

Recently there was a conflict between two Imperial Victory Star Destroyers and their associated squadrons in the process of looting a trading station in the Nelvaan trade lanes. 

Two Assault Frigates and a Nebulon-B Escort Frigate responded to this outrageous act against the people of the Nelvaan system. The Assault Frigate "Orca's Pride" and the "Scars of Freedom" joined the Escort Frigate "Redemption" in defending the Nelvaan systems rights to free trade. They were escorted by only two X-Wing squadrons who were instructed to prevent the Imperial squadrons from having free runs at the Frigates. 

During the battle, Assault shuttles were able to dock and loot much of the supplies on the station. Even with turbolaser and ion cannon fire crippling the "Orca's Pride" and nearly destroying her, the three ships were able to overwhelm the defenses and destroy the flagship of this Imperial incursion. 

In the end, all three Frigates came out of the battle intact while most of the Imperial squadrons and the second Victory Star Destroyer were able to escape after being unable to cope with the determination and spirit of the Alliance!

This is Alliance Free News the voice of the Rebellion signing off. 

. . . nalists of greater loyalty to fill their ran. . . 

System: Nelvaan   
WINNER: Rebel Alliance  
POINTS: 300 
OBJECTIVE: Contested Outpost  

299pts REBELS: Lyraeus 

Invici Whales  (299pts) 

Assault Frigate Mark IIB (119pts) [Electronic Countermeasures (7pts), Enhanced Armament (10pts), •Mon Mothma (30pts)]

Assault Frigate Mark IIB (89pts) [Electronic Countermeasures (7pts), Enhanced Armament (10pts)]

Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (65pts) [•Redemption (8pts)]

+ Squadrons (26pts) +

X-Wing Squadron (13pts)

X-Wing Squadron (13pts)

+ Objectives +

Assault Objective [Most Wanted]

Defense Objective [Fire Lanes]

Navigation Objective [Dangerous Territory]

296pts EMPIRE: Michael
Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (126pts) [Weapons Liaison (3pts), •Grand Moff Tarkin (38pts)]

Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (88pts) [Weapons Liaison (3pts)]

+ Squadrons (82pts) +

TIE Bomber Squadron (9pts)

TIE Bomber Squadron (9pts)

TIE Bomber Squadron (9pts)

TIE Fighter Squadron (8pts)

•"Howlrunner" (16pts)

•"Mauler" Mithel (15pts)

•Major Rhymer (16pts)

+ Objectives +

Assault Objective [Advanced Gunnery]

Defense Objective [Contested Outpost]

Navigation Objective [Minefields]

So this game was honestly a luck fest for me. Early on I could not get shots to save my life and I was just spirling out of control with trying to take out the Imperial Flagship. Those of you who have seen my space whale paint job know "Orca's Pride" which was my flagship for this match. 

Alright here is how the game went. 

Turn 1 we both ambled forward. I was somewhat smart in my deployment angeling in on the outpost but later realised that it was a bad idea. It lead me to come straight on into the front arcs of the VSD's. No combat at this stage.

Turn 2 we continued forward but I while I thought I was smart (which this next part disprroves XP ) I activated my Redemption first and ran into my own flagship! Talk about silliness (I am toning it down. . . Trust me the swear words wish to be let forth. . . ) Well that left the Redemtion parked and because it was speed 1 it later in the game got out distanced and was unable to use its effect much. . . Silly me. . . 

Turn 3 is where the main combat came into play. I was able to repair the damage card on the Redemption easily enough and "Orca's Pride" just ambled on and repaired the damage. This turn I overlapped a debris with "Orca's Pride" and took the 2 damage on my port shield (which was never attacked all game except once I think). The Imperial Flagship's front arc was out of range and he was within medium range and decided to slow down to speed 0! Now to be fair he did this because "Scars of Freedom" was going to get a double arc if he moved and instead stayed in its front arc. 

"Orca's Pride" lost all front shields in that squadron phase due to being in close range of them (he had rhymer but that ust came into play), OH that was where the last port shield whent! I redirected it from the front arc to it. 

 Turn 4 came around and I start to worry that I am going to lose just from victory tokens. "Orca's Pride" begins the assault on the starboard shields of the speed 0 flagship dealing 4 damage and a critical effect!  The crit made it so that he could not ready defense tokens which was going to be useful. "Orca's Pride" then came in behind the Imperial flagship and was broadsided by both the rear and side arcs. Though no much damage was dealt. The imperial squadrons were able to strip the side and rear shields from her as well. "Scars of Freedom" was able to take down the front arc of the flagship before moving to the starboard side of it. The Redemtion is finally picking up speed and just might get some shots in!

Turn 5 comes and after being screened by "Scars of Freedom", "Orca's Pride" was able to escape the near death situiation and and dealt some damage to the Imperial flagship and by the end of the turn it was up stripped of almost all of its shields. And another damage was dealt. 

Down to the final turn! I am down to 0 points and he is up to 100! I am worried out of my mind but there is hope! Redemption is in the combat. After it delived some damage last turn it was able to deliver to finishing blow to the flagship thanks to the "Scars of Freedom" dealing 5 damage. The Flagship had no brace thanks to last tast turns combat. . . 126 points in my favor! Next the "Scars of Freedom" was able to get to the station and score my only victory token! 

Due to the skin of my teeth I was able to pull this win out but I will admit I was thinking I would lose this 100-0. . .


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