Monday, June 15, 2015

To our listener's

. . .The Rebellion infested the HoloNet yesterday, impe. . . 

AFN proudly interrupts this Imperial propaganda to inform our listener's to who we are and what we do.  

Where are unwilling host allows us access to their HoloNet stream that they enjoy in the safety of Coruscant (shouldn't they be calling it Imperial Center?), we at AFN are on the front lines bringing you news both good and bad. 

We at AFN, believe in the freedom that the Alliance fights for is the way of the future. We are willing to risk our lives for that freedom and look forward to the future. 

Our lead reporter known as White Lancer had this to say

"Each reporter spends time with the Alliance. While they don't know where the Alliance is or where they were during their 'deployment', they do get to know the non-human's and humans of the Alliance fighting force."

AFN is not the enemy. We are part of the force fighting for your right to live without fear of those who are supposed to protect you. We are part of the force that wishes to bring peace to those of you who have lost loved ones, friends, family, and neighbors. 

Signing off, AFN. 
~Remember Alderaan 

. . .  
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