Sunday, June 14, 2015

The skirmish at Woostri

. . .  The Imperial Navy has located and destr. . .

. . . Alliance Free News interrupts this Imperial propaganda sith spawn message from HNN to bring you news for those of you who look forward to the days of freedom to come.

In the Woostri system, the Victory Star Destroyer Indefatigable was destroyed by the Alliance Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Salvation and the Alliance Assault Frigate Mkii B Silver Lining.

Victory II-class Star Destroyer 

This skirmish was won due to the decisive hyperspace ambush by the Salvation and the pounding dealt by the Silver Lining.

A liason with Mon Motha had this to say

"This small Victory over the Imperial forces shows up how arrogant they have become. While we are saddened by the need to sacrifice so many, the freedom that their sacrifice will bring is worth every life"

The Indefatigable  is a 900 meter Star Destroyer that has subjugated  world's for little reason. We at AFN are overjoyed at its destruction though we lower our heads that it had to be done with a majority of hands lost. 

We now return you to your standard Imperial propaganda brought to you by HNN. 

Signing off Alliance Free News. . .  

. . . Imperial lines but have conclusively been driven off. . . 

System: Woostri 
WINNER: Alliance 
POINTS: 220 
OBJECTIVE: Hyperspace Assault

EMPIRE: Damion 

Victory II-class Star Destroyer
     Admiral Motti
     Expanded Hanger Bay 
2x TIE Fighters 
2x TIE Interceptor


Frigate Mark IIB
     Mon Motha
     Raymus Antilles
Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
     XI7 Turbolasers

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  1. The ISB will find you.
    Please have your bags packed and ready to go when they do come to collect you. While you will not need them at the re-education resort on Kessel, the widows and orphans of the crew and passengers aboard the Indefatigable will appreciate them, even while they curse your name for rejoicing in the murder of their loved ones.