Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AFN's response to HNN's allegations

. . .  contains the emblem of the disbanded Jedi Order, . . .  

AFN proudly interrupts this Imperial propaganda program with this message to our viewers. 

We at AFN believe that those who have lived during the time of the Galactic Republic, remember the Jedi as a fair peacekeeping organization. They fought and bled for the lives of those they never knew and trained their minds, bodies,  and souls to the goal of letting beings feel safe in their own home. 

As such, we are proud to display our desire of  the recovery or the existence of a new Jedi Order who will be willing to assist those in need. For such an organization would be a boon the the Galaxy and those who currently fear even the look of the "Emperor's" faceless killers we know as stormtroopers and even his most trusted lieutenant Darth Vader. 

Now it has come to our attention that the "Emperor" and Darth Vader also believe in the religious beliefs of the Jedi but on a dark and sadistic scale. They are know to revel in the pain and anguish of those around them and are delighted by causing the death and destruction of those around them. Alas, this is not the wish of AFN to think that is acceptable and thus we fight in are own ways. Using the light of the Jedi Order who helped make the Galactic Republic a safer place to live than the Galactic
Empire is today. 

We here at AFN are saddened by the lack of actual news that HNN is giving it's listener's, as well as the authenticity of their information. 

The symbol out lined in HNN's article (which we will link for all you data pad readers out there), is currently a project under review by one of the hero's of the Death Star's destruction. 

Galactic Republic Jedi Order insignia. 

While we at AFN are saddened by the loss of life by the Death Star's destruction, we are overjoyed that other worlds we not have to suffer the fate of Alderaan and the refugees that were off planet at the time of its destruction. 

AFN signing off. 

~Remember Alderaan

. . . manipulate galactic governance.. . .  

Rebellion Propaganda Outlet Tied to Fanatical Cult

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