Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The suffering of the Imperial people

. . .who put their lives, bodies, and sacred honor on the line in the service o. . . 

Alliance Free News interrupt this Imperial propaganda program with the following program. 

We at AFN are saddened but is not surprised at the length that HNN goes to providing it's coverage. From a attacking our beliefs of freedom, to calling us Slimes. We expect nothing less from a information source like HNN, for that is sadly all they are. 

We at AFN do not feel the need to clarify, instead we will show a few holopictures courtesy of the Imperial networks own security cameras. 

As we see in these pictures, "Lord Darth Vader" is subjugating his subordinates to a form of mystical torture that was not taught to him by the Jedi Order. 

We at AFN have information regarding several cities and continents that were destroyed at the command of this "dark lord". The families, friends,  and children of those killed by this vicious being weep daily and may never know peace, or even what the cause of these attacks. 

We at AFN do not believe that you should live in fear and it saddens us that you do. You live in fear of the stormtroopers who may kick in your door and drag your loved ones away, to the ISB and their enjoyment of torture, and your own military who is not sworn to protect you but is sworn to the "Emperor". 

AFN will always question those who believe they are above the rights of others. Question those that kill, torture, and take away your right indiscriminately or for their own perverse pleasure. 

AFN, accepted Voice of the Rebellion, signing off. 

. . .For this A"F"N to call his honor and dignity into question, not to mention to question his inner beliefs is absolutely disgusting.. . .   

AFN Slimes Disabled Veterans

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