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Ships in the Alliance Fleet: CR90 the Corellian Corvette

. . .seeing increased use on the front lines. . . 

Greetings from AFN, let us thank HNN for having such easily sliced HoloNet access. 

This is reporter Yavin with a new style of article. Today we are talking to an Alliance Corellian Corvette commander and his experience in the use of these fast and versatile capital ships. Due to the need of anonymity we will not divulge the commanders name. 

Now on to the question and answer portion of the interview! 

Yavin: Tell about the CR90,  what makes it a ship that the Alliance likes to use so much? 

Commander: Well, the CR90 has many different functions, from blockade running, ambassadorial use, carrier operations, and scouting operations are only a few of its rolled. This versatility is vital to the Alliance's day to day needs. 

Yavin: You just brought up its speed. Compared to larger ships, why is this such a good thing? 

Commander: Many Admirals in the Imperial Navy think that firepower is what decides a battle. With the CR90, it is all about its speed. The capacity to come in wide at the edge of Heavy Turbolaser range and suddenly shift around and hit close at the weaker rear shields and hull are not only strategically sound they impact on a psychological level as well. 

Yavin: What about its fire power? How does it compare to, let's say a Nebulon-B? 

Commander: The CR90 is not a slugging ship. The majority of its fire power is located in its fore arc. This includes Turbolasers and Ion Cannons which make this a capable ship if underestimated. It's side arcs are just slightly weaker but can still deal some rather punishing blows. 

Yavin: Tell us about the variants of the CR90 that the Alliance currently uses.

Commander: Currently, the Alliance has focused on two variants of the CR90. We have the CR90 A, which uses turbo lasers and the CR90 B, which uses primarily Ion Cannons. Each can be further upgraded with an assortment or armaments and defensive systems. 

Yavin: Tell us a bit about some of these upgrades that are popular with the Alliance commanders.

Commander: Well some like to had Enhanced Armaments to the side arcs which allows for as much firepower from them as the fore arc. Others enjoy modified turbolasers like the XI7's which make shifting damage difficult for other vessels. With the CR90 B, commanders enjoy more of a tactic of leading their shots in order to maximize damage when they can. There are also teams in the engineering areas that assist in coaxing out extra speed from the CR90. 

Yavin: What about crew compliment? What is the favored group? 

Commander: Well, Raymus Antilles has been known to assist with CR90 operations. There is another well known figure but I would rather not say that person's name, that person does a great job of coordinating ships however, Raymus makes the crews work more effective. There have been times when Intelligence Officers have assisted in combat, finding weaknesses in the enemy that may have been missed otherwise. 

Yavin: Before we get onto the topic of command, what defensive upgrades are used? 

Commander: We employ various Electronic Countermeasures to counter the accuracy of the whips we face, there is also the Advanced Projector fields that we use in order to shift more damage around, those ECM is by far the favorite that we see used. 

Yavin: All right, command. With a ship this size it must be fairly easy to have orders relayed right? 

Commander: You are absolutely correct. Compared to the Nebulon-B and the Assault Frigate Mark II with their large crews, the CR90 and it's crew respond quick which makes it a very tactically capable ship. 

Yavin: Speaking of tactics, could you tell us a little bit about what is commonly used? 

Commander: For operational security purposes I can only go into minor details. Some fleet commanders enjoy employing mass CR90 fleets, upwards of 6 or so at a time. They have been known to use these are makeshift rams, taking out larger ships at the cost of needing time in a repair yard. Others use the CR90 to flank slower capital ships using its speed to get into range while a more "dangerous" target occupies the enemy. Others like to use the CR90 B to land highly accurate shots to disable enemy ships. 

Yavin: Tell us about some of the more well known CR90's. 

Commander: Well there is Dodonna's Pride which is usually configured as a CR90 B, it has a well earned reputation of crippling other ships. There is Tantive IV, which is a great command ship, and lastly there is Jaina's Light which is known for its accurate flying and shooting in aestroid and debris fields. 

Yavin: Well that is all the time we have for our show today, thank you commander and May the Force be with you. 

Commander: Thank you for having me here today. 

As always, AFN, the Voice of the Rebellion signing off.  

. . .and stability to the lawless parts of the galaxy, it is . . .

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We at AFN would like to thank, clontroper5 for his initial Let's Talk Tactics article and BiggsIRL recent Commander's Guide. These two articles inspired us. 

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