Monday, June 22, 2015

Running the Blockade at Yavin

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We at AFN interrupt this meaningless broadcast from HNN. Our data pad readers can view the article via the link at the end of this broadcast. 

We are happy to report that the Alliance has thwarted the Empire once again. Leader Mon Motha was able to recently make her escape from around the Yavin blockade. She led her fleet out of the system, encountering a Victory Star Destroyer and a Gladiator Star Destroyer. 

We are sad to report that two of the four CR90's in Mon Motha's feet were lost and many of the Alliance sailors were captured or killed. Our hearts go out to their friends and families. 

The encounter did damage both of the Imperial ships, so they will be in need of repairs. 

The voice of the Rebellion signing off. 

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System: Yavin 
WINNER: Empire 
POINTS: 220 
OBJECTIVE: Fleet Ambush 

210 pts EMPIRE: Damion 
Victory I-class Star Destroyer
     Admiral Skreed
     Director Isard 
Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer
2x TIE Advanced

217 pts REBELS: Michelle  

CR90 A
     Mon Motha 
CR90 A
CR90 B
    Engine Techs 
    Overload Pulse 
CR90 B 
     Ion Cannon Batteries 

The game started with my GSD in the bottom right corner of the Ambush deployment and my VSD straight forward at the middle of the board. The plan there was to have the GSD strike into one of the ships and the others trailing the GSD could possibly run into the VSD.

My opponent service her CR90's sort of apart. Her flagship was at one far corner of the deployment, and the other 3 were right next to each other. CR90 A was behind the two CR90 B's that were sitting side by side. (she actually stacked a shield dial of one on top of the base of the other)

During round 1 I activate my GSD which bumps up to speed 3 and Engine techs forward. She moves her CR90's toward my GSD to try and overwhelm it. The VSD moves forward speed 1 and the TIE/A's durdle around. 

Round 2 after GSD moves again, she rams its rear with the engine tech CR90 (at this point I with we wee playing precision strike a little)  and the others come close. Her Flagship is at speed 4 from my GSD and I hope to punish it next turn.  My VSD comes up as speed 1 not wanting to turn too early. 

Round 3, instead of hitting a CR90 with the VSD first I use the GSD to try and hit Mon Motha in her CR90 A. I shoot at the B that rimmed me last turn dealing a little damage, Mon Motha's super evades are hindering me greatly (and do so throughout the game). My GSD then rushes toward Mon Motha and rolls around. Black dice to her side hull. I do get to activate ACMs and deal 1 damage to her front since she redirected it all there. Mon Motha was left without shields on her front and starboard. More CR90 movement and my VSD comes up as speed 2 and angels towards where the rest of the CR90's should be next turn. One of the CR90 B's does get into close range of the VSD's front arc and starboard arc. . . Mon Motha is right behind an aestroid at the end of the turn

Round 4, I had a choice, either shoot at nothing with the GSD or roll 6 dice at a CR90. . . So my VSD went first so that CR90 could not escape me. The CR90 B did die horribly in that one shot. It was bad. . .  The second CR90 B then unleashes 3 blue dice into my GSD's rear but gets no crits. I end up with no damage there. It then zooms in front of my ship on the port side, this leaves my GSD to be the tail now. Which it ends up killing that CR90 B as well. 

Turns 5 and 6 were really uneventful, the CR90's stay away only getting shot at occasionally and the TIEs did get a couple shots off but nothing amazing. 

Game ended with 99 points in my favor. 


Lord Vader 

 Among Imperial Youth

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