Saturday, July 11, 2015

Surviving the Imperial Tactics: Gladiator Star Destroyer

Greetings freedom seekers, this is reporter Yavin with another interview from Alliance commanders, that's right, plural we have a few commanders today assisting us with some important questions. 

Today we look at one of the Imperial Navy's ships that have been seeing an exceptional amount of deployment, the Gladiator Star Destroyer. 

Yavin: So let's get this interview started.  Since we are keeping your identities secret we can skip the introductions. Could you tell us about about this threat? 

Commander A: Having seen one personally,  I an say that while they are big their speed can surprise you.  

Commander B: Ain't that the truth,  most of those monsters have great engine crews and they know just how to coax every ounce of power to that area.  

Yavin: So you are saying that it can suddenly just speed up out of no where? 

Commander A: Well it can feel like that. The most well known ship to do this is the Demolisher.  Her captain seems to take a perverse pleasure in shooting in what a pilot would call a flyby.  

Commander B: That Demolisher is can cause a bunch of Chaos,  it gets worse when they have Assault Concussion Missiles on board.  It makes quick work of a Nebulon-B's sides.  

Yavin: I would think that the Nebulon-B ships would fear these ships then right? 

Commander A: Well,  yes they do.  If they are not supported they can be dismembered quickly.  

Commander B: Same goes for our Corellian Blockade Runners.  While fast the Gladiator has been known to cut sharp turns and be in range.  You kinda want the initiative on these buggers.  

Yavin: So how would a someone combat a Gladiator Star Destroyer then? 

Commander A: Well a favored tactic is to just keep at long range and wear it down. . .  
Commander B: That ain't always going to work though.  The next option that I have seen is to use a bigger ship like good ole Space Whale to absorb their alpha strike and while they are in close range strike with all batteries!

Yavin: Space Whale?  Is that an nickname for a ship? 

Commander A: [shakes head ruefully]  Yes,  it is an affectionate term used to describe the Assault Frigate Mkii.  She is a bulky ship but can hold her own against the Impires Victory Star Destroyers. 

Commander B: Yea,  good ole space whale takes a pounding but she is a tough old ship.  She can usually take one or two close range shots from a Gladiator and continue to fight.  

Yavin: So we have keeping your distance and using larger ships to "tank" the damage? What about fighters like the X-Wing and bombers like the Y-Wing? 

Commander A: Ahhh now this is a good turn!  The X-Wing has some good capabilities to hurt the Gladiator but I don't think it does more then strip shields.  While those squadrons are great dog fighters I only like seeing them take on a ship if they have no more pressing business to take care of.  

Commander B: I can agree with that. I think the B-Wing is a much better choice,  Those amazing creations from good ole Admiral Akbar are amazing deterrents to a flanking Gladiator.  

Yavin: B-Wings?  Are they not to slow to catch such ships? 

Commander A: [laughs] Outright, yes. That is where a good Fleet Commander plans for a few situations. 

Commander B: I see where you are going with this. The B-Wing squadrons can hold a flank from the on rushing Gladiator like I said or the smart Fleet Commander's will place their B-Wings into the path of the Gladiator.  Two to three squadrons of B-Wings can cripple a Gladiator more often than naught I say. 

Yavin: Alright that is all the time we have for today,  any closing remarks? 

Commander A: Watch where those Gladiators are coming from.  If they have bomber support don't panic,  take things one at a time. 

Commander B: I second that, Them pesky Gladiators can be tricky.  They like to start off slow but they can get into the thick of things Fast. 

Yavin: Alright,  this broadcast has been brought to you by the Alliance and their fearless team of code slicers! 

Alliance Free News,  the Voice of the Rebellion signing off

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