Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Analyst joining the Blue Fleet led by Commander Lyraeus

. . . and in reviewing and . . . 

Alliance Free News interrupts your the Imperial propaganda whom is subverting the truth.

This report is from news analyst Lijhitil who has been accepted as part of Commander Lyraeus's support staff. She will be reporting what the good Commander is up to in his campaign to free the enslaved from the tyranny that is known to be the Galactic Empire.
Analyst Lijhitil

This is Lijhitil on board the current flagship of Commander Lyraeus, the Blue Citadel. Over the last few days I have watched and observed the Commander and the men and women aboard this Citadel finding them all high in moral and are ready to face the challenges of ridding our systems of the Imperial menace. I look forward to bringing you more news from the front. 

We thank Lijhitil for her sacrifice in taking on this dangerous duty and we look to hear more from her.

This is Alliance Free News the voice of the Rebellion signing off.

. . .rating both the wo. . .

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