Saturday, September 19, 2015

Staggering skirmish in the Mullan System

. . . Rebel activity in the Caluula system. . .

Alliance Free News interrupts this heinous Imperial propaganda broadcast to bring you 

We have been brought stunning news from the front lines of the struggle for freedom. We have been informed that Captain Shadowmax has destroyed an Imperial task force in the Mullan system. 

The reports indicate that while the Carrier Assault Frigate attached to Captain Shadowmax's combat group did take a beating from the Imperial task force, it was able to limp away from the combat. The rest of the combat group was then able to decimate the Imperial task force that included the flagship of the known Admiral Ricktus. 

While we have confirmed, that Admiral Ricktus was able to get his flagship out of the battle and into dry dock, we do know that it will be several months of repair work to be in any operational condition. 

This is a momentous victory for the Alliance. Destroying three of the Empire's  "Star Destroyers" is a victory that will be talked about for years to come and will help in the fight to end the tyranny of the Empire.

We will bring more information on this as we get more news from the front. 

This is Alliance Free News the voice of the Rebellion signing off. 

. . .reporting done by the Rebellion's mouthpiece. . .

System: Mullan
WINNER: Rebels
POINTS: 400 
OBJECTIVE: Hyperspace Assault

396pts EMPIRE: Richard 

Victory II-class Star Destroyer
     Admiral Screed
     Intel Officer

Victory I-class Star Destroyer
     Intel Officer
     Assault Concussion Missions

Victory I-class Star Destroyer
     Intel Officer
     Assault Concussion Missions

Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer
     Wulff Yularen
     Engine Techs
     Assault Concussion Missions

397pts REBELS: Captain Shadowmax

Assault Frigate mkii A (Lucky Jack)
     General Dodonna
     Raymus Antillies
     Gunnery Team
     Advanced Projectors
     Enhanced Armaments

Assault Frigate mkii B
     Adar Tallon
     Flight Controller
     Expanded Hanger Bay
     Advanced Projectors

CR90 B
     Dodonna's Pride
     Nav Team

CR90 A
     Jaina's Light
     Leia Organa

Luke Skywalker
Tycho Celchu

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