Saturday, October 31, 2015

Incompetence of the COMPNOR

. . .COMPNOR spokesman Prop. . .

Alliance Free News interrupts this usual Imperial propaganda to bring you this story. 

We are seeing reports that Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) is denying the activity of the Alliance in the Dellalt system. This is due mainly to the incompetence of their analysts in that region. As a source of free information for our subscribers, AFN has no need to distort the truth or put a "spin" on the facts. 

It is sad that HNN is still the disreputable source of information and is beholden to the "facts" provided by Imperial organizations that would tell you that they are right as the roof collapses on their heads. 

While it is true that the Alliance suffered set backs and was repulsed by Grand Admiral Mikael in the Turkana system after liberating the system from Empire, the Alliance won decisive victories not only against the Empire but against pirates who sought to prey on the now free citizens of Shaylin.

I have no doubt that the Alliance will attempt to free Turkana once again from the ravages of the Empire and when they do there will be much rejoicing. Until that time, our hopes go out to those under oppression and we look forward to the time they will be free.

This is Alliance Free News the voice of the Rebellion signing off.

. . .peace and stability back to the Calamari sector. . .

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